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Buy Affordable Designer Pageant Gowns & Prom Dresses

Get spoiled for choice with our wide and rich range of glorious pageant dresses and gowns which will make you stand out from the crowd! Made with the finest materials, cutest designs and expert tailoring, UNIQUELY YOURS pageant gowns and prom dresses collection has all you need! Whether you need a glamorous ball gown or sizzling evening gown for your upcoming pageant, prom or homecoming – we have got it all. We make pageant dresses for girls who don’t just want to impress but overwhelm the judges with their grace, beauty and above all their spectacular fashion sense.

Being the top choice of seasoned pageant winners, UNIQUELY YOURS Bridal Prom and Pageant LLC is back with a winning collection of pageant and prom gowns which will be the highlight of 2019 season, Included in collection are a variety of styles, from classic retro fashion to latest trendy designs, all of which accentuate your beauty and grace like none other!

Transcend into a Higher Dimension of Beauty with Uniquely Yours Bridal Prom and Pageant LLC

Home to the finest homecoming dresses in Ohio, ROUND TOWN GOWNS takes pride in its ability to provide you with the most diverse and exciting range of homecoming dresses online! Unlike most homecoming dress boutiques, our dresses are rich in both quality and design. Wondering what to wear for your homecoming party? Check out our new homecoming dresses and gowns to find the perfect dress! 


What Makes Uniquely your Bridal Prom and Pageant Dresses the Best In Town?

Our Diverse Range

Our glamorously diverse range of pageant dresses Columbus Ohio and new homecoming dresses are what makes the top choice for girls! If you are Ohio girl, looking to rock a stunning dress at your homecoming party or prom, browse through our vast collection of classic and chic designs. We have got something for everyone!

Classic :
Our exciting collection of pageant dresses include classically themed dresses, allowing you to channel your inner grace and royalty with inexplicable flair.
Medieval :
Take a journey back in time with our oversized gowns and golden age dresses. Retro-fashion styles are guaranteed to make people stare in wonder at your grace and how your fashion sense transcends time.
Trendy :
UNIQUELY YOURS is known for updating its collection with the latest and upcoming fashion trendy with its trendy designer dresses.

Our Vibrant Colors

Channel your inner class and charm with our authentic, vibrant colorful dresses. Finding homecoming dresses online in your favorite color can be quite a hassle but not at UNIQUELY YOURS Bridal Prom and Pageant LLC, where we have every color you need!

Our Spectacular Designs

At UNIQUELY YOURS Bridal Prom and Pageant, we take pride in our ability to offer the most unique yet appealing designs. Catch everyone’s eye and be the center of attention at every party with our chic and fashionable designs! We purchase our merchandise directly from design houses so that all our stock includes all the latest, trendy outfits!

Our Excellent Customer Service

Shopping for pageant dresses can be quite difficult with a myriad of choices and options to consider, that’s why at UNIQUELY YOURS. we make your shopping experience enjoyable with our exceptional customer services. Our friendly and professional staff cater to all your needs and queries to help you find the perfect dress.


Unlike many homecoming dress boutiques, UNIQUELY YOURS has an expert and friendly seamstress, Wendy Cordil, who holds regular fitting sessions every Wednesday 5 pm to 8pm. If you take an appointment before coming, you can enjoy her services without any inconvenience.

Best Value for Money

Homecoming dress boutiques often overcharge while selling

or homecoming dresses in Ohio but not us. At UNIQUELY YOURS, we offer the best and competitive prices on exact gown and dress matches! While shopping with us, you can be assured that all our prices are reasonable, competitive and verifiable.


Order the finest pageant dresses Columbus Ohio to accentuate your beauty, class, and charm. Our exquisite range of fine dresses and gowns will render you and those around you speechless with awe. Order Now!