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Buy Tuxedo Online At Uniquely Yours!

Tuxedos have been the choice of men who desire style, class and a flamboyant look. Over the passage of time, their popularity has considerably increased where men choose to style their suits with a tux that is bound to make an impression. At Unique Yours, you can now buy tuxedo online, available in a variety of colors and style. You can get a tuxedo that matches your personal style quotient. From double breasted jacket, classic black tie, impressive neckwear to tuxedo outfits, we offer designer tuxes that enhances your aura.

For starters, not all tuxedos are alike, with a plethora of options to choose from, you can style your tuxedos according to the lapel type, cut, or color. Uniquely yours is your number one resource for any type of tuxedo you want for your special occasion. Stitched to perfection, get the perfect fitting always that compliments your body type.

We offer multiple style options for our customers for their convenience. At Uniquely Yours, you can choose between a shawl lapel, notch lapel, and peak lapel tuxedo. If you are looking to buy tuxedo online, it is important to know that notch lapel remains to be a favorite of most men. However, if you prefer a more retro look, consider peak lapel collars which were traditionally sought by all. With so many choices, you can handpick your preference to best suit your need at Uniquely Yours.

Affordable & Quality Tuxedo

It is not easy to buy tuxedo online as there are a lot of things to consider unless you are buying it from Uniquely Yours! Some people still consider it as an expensive formal dressing option even though it offers great value for money. At Uniquely Yours, we offer designer tuxedo at affordable rates, and without any compromise on quality. It goes without saying that tuxedos are intended to showcase the grace and sophistication of an individual. We believe that everyone deserves to look at their best at a special occasion – and, we are here to change that. With our diversified range of affordable and quality tuxedos, you can now get your hands on the most glamorous and elegant dinner jacket.

Customer Service

Whether you are planning to buy tuxedo online from our inventory or get it customized as per your requirement, we ensure to deliver quality end product. Regardless of your preference, all of the order are processed on the same day and a delivery date is communicated for your peace of mind. The things that sets us apart is timely and efficient deliveries. Uniquely yours is committed to making your online tuxedo shopping experience seamless. Our friendly and professional staff cater to all your needs and queries to help you find the perfect fit.

Different Lapel Types at Uniquely Yours

We, at Uniquely Yours, specialize in three main lapel types including:

Peak lapel
One of the most in-demand lapel styles at our store is peak lapel that depicts classiness among men. It is the correct definition of traditional tuxedo and black tie suiting. The peak of lapel is always pointed upwards and partitioned from the top collar line. This style complements the tie and boutonniere most. When you buy tuxedo online, it is recommended to choose peak lapel tuxedo if you want to look extra and showcase the accessories you wear with it.
Shawl Collar
If you are looking for a tuxedo that offers style and comfort, go for a shawl collar. At Uniquely Yours, we offer shawl collar tuxedos that are made up of a solid one piece of satin with rounded corners. It wraps all the around the neck area.
Notch Lapel
Notch lapel was the first tuxedo style we offered at Uniquely Yours, and since then, it has been one of the most purchased style as well. It is considered at least formal and resemble more with coat suits. The peak of the lapel points outwards, and the collar is partitioned into two. Notch lapels are considered modern and look amazing with lapel brooch, badges, and chains.

Are you convinced to buy tuxedo online? Order the finest tuxedo outfits that are tailored to your needs. Call us today at 740-420-9111 and place your order.