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A complete Guide: Top Tuxedo Styles Trending in 2019

Tuxedos are known for their style and formal looks. They showcase your personality in a way that highlights your grace and sophistication. Though etiquettes experts consider tuxedos a semi-formal suiting style belonging from black tie dress code-but now the things have changed!

According to 2019`s fashion trends tuxedos are a perfect choice for formal, semi-formal and business events. You can easily multiply your charm on any occasion by carrying a finely tailored tuxedo.

Several companies are offering Cheap Tuxedos Online in USA, but before you say YES to any dress, you must look for a few things to ensure that you are not getting ripped off. Here is a small but comprehensive guide from Uniquely Yours Company to highlight top tuxedo styles for this year.

Colors are Important –Even More Than Your Imaginations

People are wearing tuxedos for many years; the only thing that differentiates between previous styles with today`s, are the colors. Accept black and white which are known as “forever-in” colors; other hues have been in fashion for quite some time now.

When it comes to 2019`s fashion trends, navy black, cobalt blue, greyish black, and burgundy are on top lists. Almost all the recent collections from popular designers include tuxedos in these colors. On the other hand, few designers have also included grey and beige dresses in their catalogs.

Lapel and Satin Styles for a Fresh Vibe

Traditionally a tuxedo jacket has a satin lapel, pocket trims and buttons and the trouser is like a straight pant with a satin stripe on both side. Nowadays, the designers have minimized the use of satin material to create a more formal look of tuxedos. Formal occasion tuxedos usually have plain straight pant, and the jacket has trimmed lapel made up of satin.

For 2019`s trend designers have added an additional detail –A piping of slightly lighter or darker tone from base color running around the lapel area. This addition has not only minimized the use of satin but gives a fresh vibe to whole attire. When piping is added the collar or lapel is not created with satin material. It is crafted by the same base material, but the edges have piping.

Three Forever Popular Styles are a Part of 2019 Fashion Too

According to shape, there are three varieties of lapels names as peak lapel, shawl collar, notch lapel.

Peak lapel

A peak lapel is the correct definition of traditional tuxedo and black tie suiting. The peak of lapel is always pointed upwards and partitioned from the top collar line. This style complements the tie and boutonniere most. It is recommended to choose peak lapel tuxedo when you want to show off the accessories worn with it.

Shawl Collar

Shawl collars are made up of a solid one piece of satin with rounded corners. It wraps all around the neck area. The look of a shawl collar is a bit relaxing. In comparison with the other two types of the lapel, the shawl collar is the most elegant and swanky.

Notch Lapel

Notch lapels are considered at least formal and resemble more with coat suits. The peak of the lapel points outwards, and the collar is partitioned into two. Notch lapels are considered modern and look amazing with lapel brooch, badges, and chains.

Textures Are WOW!

Textured materials look extraordinary amazing –the crisscross, lines, waves or dots make the material look novel. The royal appeal of textured tuxedos allows designers to incorporate various base materials to craft their 2019`s design range.

The texture is not only a design element –they are an indication of corduroy, brocade or damask material. All three materials are suitable for winter and spring season. For summers of 2019, cotton mixed with 10% to 15% polyester are the most adequate choice.

Tuxedo material matters a lot because it defines the quality of attire. The bespoke dress is the one which perfectly fits the body and made from high standard material. Textured tuxedos are also a deception of urbanity and stylization sense.  

Match the Accessories to Look More Stylish

Don’t forget to select a suitable accessory for your tuxedo!

The boutonnieres, lapel chains, brooches, lapel pins, badges, and trinkets are like cherry over the cake. These accessories give a vibe of modern fashion sense. You can create different looks by changing the accessories every time you wear a tuxedo.

Fresh floral boutonnieres and metallic lapel pins are perfect for wedding events. Whereas for business events and parties you can use lapel chains and badges as well. Trinkets are for gothic, or funky look only. For 2019, designers have created a whole new range of metallic lapel pins and brooches. The stonework over the brooches is the new love of wearers for wedding parties. Plain designs of brooches are for all-purpose use.

Some catalogs have also incorporated 3D shapes with metal and glass ornamentation as a lapel pin, but the style is not much popular yet.  

Most websites or social media pages mention sizes with as Small, Medium and Large. The waist and shoulder calculation of various brands are different so don’t forget to view the size chart properly. In case chart with proper details is not present on the website, contact the representative to provide you with exact specifics.


At Uniquely Yours website, you can find the latest designs of tuxedos, tailored by top-notch experts. Every article is finely crafted with an aim to enhance the bravura of wearer`s personality.

From material quality to sizing and stitching everything is exclusively created with great attention. We promise you a wide range of highly sophisticated and extraordinary styles without paying much. For your ease and satisfaction, our representatives are always at work to help you.


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