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10 Gorgeous Prom Dresses Under $100

If you have a special event at night, be it a wedding, graduation, or even a party, you should consider a different dress for each occasion. If you are looking for fashion prom dresses online that suit your personality, do not miss reading these tips to choose a prom dress and look spectacular.

You have received the invite "Prom Night 2019 ". Picture, accepted with a big fat "YES!" and now you have to get down to work. First things first: prom dresses! Believe it or not, there is no need to break the piggy bank! Some graduations are held in the afternoon, and the subsequent party takes place during the night, for these cases, it is possible to wear long dresses. However, if the graduation is by day, it is appropriate to wear a short or cocktail dress. We promise you that finding the perfect outfit for your figure is not impossible! And to prove it to you, we propose some ideas of day graduation dresses to make you look perfect on your special day.

How to gear up for the prom night

If you are about to graduate and you continue to ask yourself: what should I wear? It may be easier to start by discarding what the least appropriate is. In this way, you will arrive at the ideal dress for your celebration. Do not forget to look for a hairstyle according to the suit you choose and makeup that will have to be discreet and natural.


Forget about long dresses

For day celebrations, it is appropriate to wear a short skirt, so however beautiful they are, forget the long dresses. It's about going to a graduation, not a Hollywood-style party, so neither excessively glamorous costumes nor lots of sparkles or sequins are appropriate. Also, keep in mind that both the graduation and the subsequent party tend to be very long, so it is essential that you choose a comfortable and appropriate model.


Avoid the mini picks

We will leave the sexy mini-dresses for outings to a nightclub or a dinner with friends. These suits are not suitable for a formal celebration such as a graduation. Therefore, we have an ideal option for graduation: a discreet, elegant, youthful and simple dress. Depending on your style, you can bet on a classic, casual look without becoming informal, but always respecting that it is a formal and elegant act.




Choose two dresses

When in doubt, some graduates choose to have two dresses: one for the celebration, more formal, and another for the subsequent party, with a look closer to that of a night out. If you do not have any dress in the closet that fits a prom and you do not have a big budget for the suit, you do not need to spend a lot of money. There are always more accessible options such as resorting to commercial brands, which always reserve a part of their collection to cocktail dresses, buy the second-hand clothing or even in an outlet.

These gorgeous prom dresses online under $100 are not only within the price range but are super stylish and are actually the ones you * will * use again. These prom dresses are exactly what you're looking for. All you have to do is say “yes” to the dress!


1.    Lulus- Uptown Twirl Blush Pink Mid-Calf Dress ($ 59)

Spin around the dance floor with this beautiful blush dress that slides just below the knee. Combine it with a cheeky pair of shoes and get ready to walk down the hall in style.


2.    ASOS Midi Dress


It is a mid-length dress with round panel detail ($ 81). A little adjustment and a flash is all you need! Add a delicate floral wreath for the ultimate boho-chic look.


3.    The Limit Pleat Dress

The light pleat detail dress ($ 100): bold and beautiful. This dress will be the center of attention of the prom party. Stand out in the best possible way with this detailed midi dress.



4.    Stargazer Free People Tube Dress ($ 98)

 Show off your shoes in this beautiful dress that has just the right amount of shine. The dark color will contrast perfectly with the prom theme.



5.    Forever 21 Contemporary Eyelash Lace Dress ($ 28)


How sweet is the baby blue beauty? What is even more pleasing is the price tag!


6.    ASOS Lace Midi Dress with Lace Folds ($ 89)

All sleeves with hail laces! A classic prom dress is made even more beautiful with a sweetheart neckline of illusion.


7.    Silence + Noise Brielle satin mid-length dress ($ 79)

It is an ideal midi dress for an outdoor wedding. This white satin dress is one in which you can try your dance moves.


8.    Black Olive Green Midi Dress by Abba Swan ($ 83)

 Not too short and not too long, this midi dress is perfect. We love paired with gladiator sandals for a relaxed bohemian look.


9.    Lush-Surplice-Maxi-Dress ($ 48)

It is super elegant with this long black dress. Made for all body types, you and your daughters will use them again.


10.    ASOS Bardot Hitchcock Bardot mid-length dress ($ 98)

It is an alternative to prom dresses in floral print from head to toe. The style without shoulders is a surprise!


Don’t Forget To Add Glitzy Accessories

A prom day or night look is not complete until you choose the accessories that will accompany your flamboyant prom dress. All the accessories that you incorporate into your outfit depending on the costume you have selected like the: color, silhouette, ornamentation, and design.



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